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Productivity generates profit. Profit from Group Insurance
Happily employed people=Productive employees=Labor peace=Succesful business course.

The people in each organisation are its most important axle of development and succesful operation.
It’s the driving force in the production process and it is for this reason that its integrity and protection should be ensured.
Modern enterprises invest large amounts of money in the development, support and education of their staff in order to upgrade it to such a degree that it may cope with the enterprise’s needs from time to time and the fast changes in the contemporary business data and become a comparative advantage and contribute to the attainment of its strategic targets.
Yet, how many enterprises really care about the security and welfare of their people? How many provide a proper health insurance program both in the business premises and elsewhere, a provident fund, etc.? One of the most important incentives for both the businessman and his employees is the Group Insurance Scheme that offers a lot of benefits and advantages.
The provision of such a non-monetary benefit, adds value to both the businessman and his employees as:

It increases the employees’ sense of security as well as their trust and devotion to the business, improves the working environment and creates incentives for the increase of productivity and effectiveness.
Creates a new model of the business since it provides its people with benefits that meet the needs of the highly competitive international markets of today and tomorrow.
It offers an attractive package of benefits through which the existing staff is held back and new recruits are attracted.
It gives the opportunity to both the businessman and his employees to insure their respective families at a low cost.

Having in mind the welfare of people and their contemporary concerns, Prime has devised new specialised and flexible Health and Protection plans, designed for the needs of each business and its employees such plans that offer comprehensive insurance cover that include amongst other, the following benefits:

A. Life Insurance (Term or Retirement)
B. Permanent Total Incapacity from illness and/or accident.
C.Accident and Incapacity Insurance
  • Accidental Death
  • Accidental Death, Permanent Total or Partial Incapacity
  • Accidental Death and Permanent Total Incapacity
  • Accidental Permanent Partial Incapacity.

D. Critical Illness Insurance (Cancer, Coma. Bypass, Cardiac Arrest (Myocardial Infarction), Kidney Failure, Stroke, Aorta operation, Blindness, Transplant of a basic organ (heart, lung, liver, pangreas, intestine, kidney or bone marrow), Multiple Sclerosis and Paralysis.

E. Compensatory covers for Income as a result of Illness and/or Accident.
  • Income Insurance
  • Temporary Total Incapacity.
F. Health Insurance
  • Medical Expenses as a result of an Accident
  • Hospitalisation Allowance
  • In-Patient Insurance Medisyn
  • Out-Patient Insurance Medifirst 
The Group In-Patient and Out-Patient Health Plans are flexible and can be adjusted to the needs of each organisation or group.
All medical expenses incurred as a result of illness or accident in a hospital or clinic in Cyprus or overseas for the insured’s and his dependants’ treatment are covered.
Maximum annual limit of expenses: choice of limits from €35,000 to €2,000,000
Cost of hospital/clinic room and food in Cyprus: 100%
Cost of hospital/clinic room and food overseas: 100% or 85%
Surgery expenses
Surgeon’s remuneration
Anesthetist’s remuneration
General Practitioner’s remuneration
Medicines administered in hospital or clinic
Diagnostic Examinations related to the Treatment
Private doctor’s visit in hospital/clinic
Out-Patient’s surgery expenses incurred in Cyprus
Hospitalization expenses incurred prior to surgery
Parent’s stay overseas to accompany minor child
Ambulance charges
Daily allowance for free of charge treatment (optional)
Allowance for natural childbirth or caesarian section (optional-various choices)
Annual check-up (optional)
Human approach when dealing with customers
Presentation of Plan to the business’ staff
Training of business’ officer in the administration of the Plan
Expedient processing of claims
Dispatch of statements with full details of the amounts paid
Reports of insured persons and cost analysis
Full history of the insured persons’ data
Provision of full documentation for the administration of the insured group
All Out-Patient medical expenses incurred as a result of illness or accident for the insured’s and his dependants’ treatment are covered.
Maximum annual limit of expenses: Choice of a limit from €600 to €3,500
Unlimited number of visits to medical practitioners
Prescribed medicines
Diagnostic examinations referred to by medical practitioners
Alternative Medicine
Vaccinations (optional- choice of limits)
Routine dental treatment (optional- choice of limits)
Dental feelings, extractions, cleaning, aponeurosis, dental cups, surgical removal of tooth
Ocular therapy (optional- choice of limits)
Purchase of glasses (frames and lenses) or contact lenses as prescribed by ophthalmologists

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