Mega Home Insurance

A new era in home insurance.

Purchasing a house is usually the largest investment an individual can make during his lifetime.
Your house is not just a building or just an investment but it is your refuge and private space that identifies and represens you. It shelters your family and beloved persons as well as your dreams and memories.

Everyday life is full of risks and unpredictable situations such as fire, theft, disasters due to natural phenomena which result in endangering your lifetime efforts and make the insurance of your house a necessity. Prime fully understands the concept of «home» and what it represents and offers choices you can adapt to your own needs and financial capabilities. Our new plans offer covers, services and benefits that will pleasantly surprise you. Learn about the new era of home insurance and secure your home. Then you can relax.

What does Mega Home Insurance Offers?

Advanced benefits that extend the concept of home insurance.

The possibility to select the plan most suited to your needs from the 5 plans we offer.

Substantial protection through a combination of insurance covers and provision of the most effective solutions in every situation.

As economical as you wish by adjusting the premium to your own capabilities through the covers you have selected.

Clear and unambiquous policy terms without small print.  

Still have you any problem for solutions?

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