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MEDSYN Health Care Card

This is a product Prime feels particularly proud of. It is an innovative in conception and application comprehensive health plan, providing cover from the first symptom to the full cure. It is suitable for all and in addition it offers to all customers the possibility to secure a second opinion from top medical centers worldwide.

We at Prime are well aware that of all human possessions, the most important is health. As a leader in the health insurance sector, we introduced the Medisyn Plan which is offered either as a stand alone policy or as a rider to a life assurance policy. The Plan is offered as an inpatient cover or as a combination of inpatient and outpatient cover. It provides high medical covers at an affordable premium and the insured is given the security that in the event of a health problem, he shall be treated at the best medical centers in all parts of the world. In the event of an accident or illness, he shall cope in a dignified and self-confident manner both his own and his family’s health problems. In all Medisyn Plans, the “Health Line” facility is offered free of charge to the insured who may call at all hours for medical advice, guidance and information from experienced medical and paramedical staff.

MediFirst Outpatient's Health Cover

This is a benefit specially designed for the cover of medical expenses for the outpatients’ treatment of the Policyholder and his dependants, incurred as a result of an accident or illness. It can be offered in combination with the Medisyn Health Care Card.

Critical Ilness Insurance

In the event of a grave illness, a lump sum pre-selected by the Policyholder (the Sum Assured) is payable to him once off.  The Plan is suitable for persons aged between 20 and 60 years of age and covers 11 serious illnesses.

Hospital Allowance

This is a benefit specially designed to cover the Policyholder’s needs whilst confined in a hospital or clinic following an accident or illness and is independant of the expenses that may be incurred.
The Hospital Allowance benefit is suitable to those wishing to receive (over and above all other medical covers they have) an additional amount of money for each day they are hospitalised in a hospital or clinic, as well as a recuperation allowance.
Accidents take place at all times. Some of them may be extremely unpleasant or fatal. This benefit offers the possibility to cover the loss of life and permanent (total or partial) incapacity caused by an accident.


This benefit provides the opportunity for a second medical opinion from a network of leading medical centers all over the world, immediately and reliably.
It covers both the confirmed and the suspicted instances of an ailment or illness. 

Medical Expenses as a Result of an Accident

Accidents are part of our life. In any accident, whether small or serious, expenses are incurred. The Medical Expenses as a Result of an Accident Benefit covers the expenses incurred  by the Policyholder or his family (provided that they are included in the cover) for inpatient or outpatient treatment as a result of an accident.
Every day millions of lives are lost in accidents but most people either avoid to or have a difficulty to admit the existence of such important and foreseeable risks that they may face. This particular benefit provides the Policyholder’s successors with a lump sum should the Policyholder loses his life in an accident. 

Permanent Total Incapacity Plan

The right to work is granted but do we ever wonder whether a serious accident or illness may deprive us of such right? Have we provided for such an eventuality? 
The Permanent Total Incapacity Benefit covers the Policyholder’s incapacity to practice his profession for over 12 months through the payment of a lump sum pre-selected by the Policyholder (sum insured) in order that he copes to the unbearable financial cost often associated with the deprivation of income and the necessary medical treatment.  

Income Insurance

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